How to win at wheel of fortune slots: a complete guide for the beginners

How to win at wheel of fortune slots
How to win at wheel of fortune slots

Everyday routine can be repetitive and boring if everything you do is just working and studying, taking care of your family and doing chores. Don’t be surprised if you will feel anxious, craving for any kind of entertainment and relax. That’s why it would be great to solve this problem before it even appeared, choosing yourself a flexible and comfortable hobby, that will help you to get rid of the negative emotions and tiredness.

A great choice is gambling, that can bright up your evenings and as a pleasant addition – fill your pockets with money. You can play games on luck, that are created purely for entertainment. All you need to do is to relax and to enjoy it fully. Or, if you like challenges and keeping your brain sharp – you can try out games that require a certain strategy and particular skills.

How to play Wheel of Fortune game and win real money?

Wheel of Fortune – is a typical representant of games on luck. That’s why it’s hard to give a particular advice how to win on wheel of fortune slots. Basically, all you need to do is to rely on the Lady Luck and just cherish the moment, hoping that today you can get something decent.

But, to increase your chance to hit a jackpot, you can follow some simple rules, that usually are recommended by most part of professional players. Surely, it won’t guarantee you jackpot, but will make your chances higher without any doubts:

  • The first thing that you should remember, learning how to win at wheel of fortune slots jackpot, is that it’s important to catch any good opportunity you see. Bookmakers often provide different bonuses, and you should claim them daily, so you can play longer;
  • Make higher bets, so at the end your winning will cover most part of your spending;
  • Maximize your odds, using all existing methods;

If you follow these simple advices, you’ll be able to notice how your win rate is getting higher and higher.

Choosing a decent gambling platform – is a key to winning a million jackpot

The key to becoming a pro in online gambling and winning real money – is choosing a really great online casino. A generous bookmaker will provide you bonuses and promotions, that will let you play longer with a chance to win money. The payout and win rate percentages also matter.

Learn how to win wheel of fortune slots money here:

  1. 888 casino – the best Canadian online casino to learn how to win at wheel of fortune slots spin;
  2. KingJohnnie casino;
  3. RubyFortune;

Check them all out and choose the one that suits you mostly!

What Is European Roulette – Insight Into Its Favorable Odds, And Best Winning Tips

What Is European Roulette
What Is European Roulette

Hard to find a person unfamiliar with the basic roulette gameplay. You bet, the wheel spins, and when the ball lands in one of the numbered pockets, you already know if you’ve won or lost. But did you know there are multiple variations of this spectacular casino game?

Read below to learn what is European roulette (the most favorable variant of the game) and get familiar with the best winning tips to beat the odds in an online European roulette casino. You’ll also learn about the premium version intended for high-rolling gambling.

What Is European Roulette And How Its Rules Differ From The American Game?

Regardless of the software provider, the European version of roulette has several crucial distinctions from the American variation:

  1. The wheel of the European variety of roulette consists of 37 pockets with numbers from 0 to 36. As a result, the house has only about a 2.3% advantage over the punter.
  2. As to the American variety, the roulette wheel comprises 38 pockets, including an additional one numbered 00 or Double Zero. This boosts the house’s advantage to 5.26%. The layout of numbers on the wheel is also different in the American version.
  3. The European variety of the roulette game has a rule that favors the player even further. It’s called “La Partage”. When your wager is supposed to get an even-money payout, you will receive 50% of your stake back if the ball stops at Zero.

Online gamblers across the world give preference to the European variety, as the lower house edge and additional favorable rules boost your winning chances.

Pro Winning Tips For Those Learning What Is European Roulette

If you’re a roulette beginner, it never hurts to get familiar with the wisdom of seasoned players. Here are the top 3 useful tips from experienced roulette gamblers.

  • Consider employing a betting system. The popual strategies are Martingale, D’Alembert, and Fibonacci. They will not only help you with bankroll management but also give your gambling a solid mathematical foundation.
  • Study the betting table – it is the essence of what is European roulette. Knowing the odds and payouts on different bet types is important, as it allows you to quickly compare the risk with the reward on a bet.
  • Manage your bankroll wisely. Set a limit for losses and avoid chasing them. Walk away from the roulette table when you’ve achieved a clear profit.

These tips are not complicated in the slightest, yet they can help a beginner enjoy the European roulette game to the fullest.

Premium European Roulette – How Is It Different From Classic Titles?

In land-based gambling venues, European roulette is a crowd-pleaser. The transition to the online domain has not diminished its popularity in the slightest. Quite the contrary: now roulette games are even more accessible for the broadest range of punters.

Appreciating the game’s unfading popularity, many a European roulette casino has launched premium versions of European roulette. Their main distinctions lie in the betting and payout options. Targeting high-rolling and VIP players, Premium European roulette has greatly expanded betting ranges.

If you wish to learn what is European roulette premium for free, you can download a demo version of the online game developed by Playtech, a widely known and reputed provider. Premium European Roulette stands true to its name, providing superb graphics and smooth animations, multiple table views, and many customizable features.

How to play Blackjack and beat an online casino

how to play blackjack online

Modern online casino offers several types of card games. Among them, a special place is occupied by Blackjack. It has some popular varieties that you have probably met at the sites of virtual casinos in 2021. The advantage of virtual Blackjack is that the player’s chances are higher here than in Roulette, Poker or Baccarat. That is why professional players recommend newbies to choose Blackjack. Do you want to learn how to play Blackjack while staying at home? Then read the review below.

Tips for beginners: how to play Blackjack at home

The main requirement of any game is that the user should always start by learning the rules. You have learned the rules, then welcome to the real gambling round. And even if the rules in the game seem simple for beginners, such as in Blackjack, you should still learn how to play Blackjack.

Today, a number of gamers worldwide stay at home and play their favorite video games on their pc. And many Blackjack fans do the same. You no longer need to run around the city in search of a land-based gambling club. Now all gambling fun is available in your home: in front of the screen of your pc, tablet, phone.

Key point of Blackjack is to beat the dealer in a round. To do this, you need to collect the best card hand, with no busting. In online Blackjack, players compete only with dealer, and not with each other. The perfect Blackjack combination is 21 points.

Professional Blackjack players give beginners these recommendations:

how to play blackjack
  • Always start playing online Blackjack at home with the test format;
  • If you want to learn how to play Blackjack, read real casino reviews on the Internet;
  • Learn by heart the rules of the game and its basic strategy;
  • Learn to count cards in your mind;
  • Be able to predict the croupier’s next move and remember which cards came out of the deck;
  • Don’t risk too much, – the main thing in Blackjack is a measured tactic based on your observation skills.

Learning how to play Blackjack and win is a challenge that any casino user can master. The main thing is to get knowledge of the rules and main strategies that will help you win sooner or later.

How to turn from a beginner to a professional in the Blackjack game?

Any soldier wants to become a general, and any novice Blackjack wants to turn into a real Pro. And this is quite possible, you just need to put a little effort and constantly practice this card game.

Experienced gamers, thanks to their long-term practice, win more often at the casino than, for example, young customers. It’s all in the strategies that the professionals have managed to remember or even create their own about how to play Blackjack at home.

The best strategies to beat the casino in Blackjack online:

  1. Basic strategy. It is based on a special Blackjack table, which shows a ratio of the points by a gamer and a dealer;
  2. The technique of doubling. After each loss, the bets are increased by 2 times, and after winning, they return to an initial stake;
  3. Strategy of splitting pairs. It works when a dealer has dealt two identical cards to a player, after that player gets two instead of one hand, doubling the initial bet.

How to play Blackjack online like a pro, and which strategy really works? It’s simple, you have to try it in the game. Therefore, start Blackjack round, use the best strategies and get ready to win the main prize.

Blackjack rules and its foundation, which has to be known by every player

blackjack rules online

There are few things that each individual should know about blackjack prior to commencing the game. Before explaining casino blackjack rules, it is vital to mention that this is a game that involves half a chance. It means that cards are taken out of the deck randomly but the outcome is not only dependent on the cards but also on decisions that are made by the player. It is crucial not to go over 21 points but also get the maximum number closest to the top score, which is 21 or blackjack.

Simple rules of the blackjack game

By explaining the simple foundation of blackjack rules, it has to be said that the game is played with the standard card deck, which consists of 52 cards. There are lots of game varieties and there could be as many as six decks with 312 cards in all of them and this variation is very popular. The objective of the game is to reach as close to 21 points as possible but not to overkill and beat the dealer by the number of points scored. Then the dealer shuffles the deck of cards and designates one of the players to cut the deck in half, so that part of the deck is not used. Then the bets are made. Here is what Blackjack rules oblige to happen next:

blackjack rules
  1. All cards that feature number have their initial pip value;
  2. All face cards are equal to 10 point;
  3. It is up to the player whether an Ace amounts to either 1 or 11;
  4. The dealer gives one card being faced up to every player on the table;
  5. Then the dealer deals a card to himself, which is also place being faced up;
  6. In the next round each player receives one more card being faced up but the dealer gets the card being faced down;
  7. Afterward, in Blackjack rules, the dealer will ask whether each aye would like to receive more cards.

There lots of variations of blackjack card game rules but after the players are served the dealer starts to take cards until at least 17 or more points are reached. In the end, based on the final score the outcome of the game is made and either payout to players is made or the participants lose their bets.

The best casinos in Australia to play blackjack for free

The most effective and ideal way of starting to play blackjack is to use free mode, so as blackjack rules are roughly the same everywhere, the Australian market is regarded as one of the best. Virtually any casino in Australia offers the chance to play blackjack for free. It uses outstanding software and offers very flexible and attractive terms. Playing for free can be perceived as playing for real money but getting a generous no deposit bonus in the form of cash for granted. Here are the best casinos that worth having a look at

  • Uptown pokies casino;
  • Free spins casino;
  • Red dog casino;
  • Irish luck casino;
  • Slots empire casino;
  • Eclipse casino;
  • Desert nights casino;
  • Supernova casino.

In some places no deposits code are activated automatically but in the others a quote online to get the code for getting real money has to be made. Blackjack rules are one of the simplest in the casino with the basic objective to reach 21 points and not to go over. Australian casinos are the ideal way of getting started.

Pokies casino at Australian gaming clubs

Pokies casino

In fact, there are thousands online pokies with various advantages and themes. The modern pokies have high quality with the best graphics and performance. Also, players are able to enjoy this content on mobiles. Fortunately, there are good optimization that gives gamblers and opportunity to have fun both on Android and iOS. By the way, everyone can start playing on PC at online AU casino on the internet.

Some people think that a chance of winning at the gambling clubs so low. Actually, everyone is able to win every time enjoying the slots at Australian online sites. You do not need to learn hard strategies to earn big rewards. Newbies may ask which prizes can they get when they win the slots. Actually, you are able to earn real money playing casino free pokies games for mobiles. Besides, you can get rewards with no deposits with free bonuses at clubs.

The overview of the best AU pokies

As it was mentioned above, everybody can try the most fascinating slot machines. There are a lot of advantages that can make your time spending so funny. In addition, features of the pokies let you enjoy a gameplay process the most interesting way. You can use special symbols and options which help to get the biggest prizes. Be sure if your favorite casino totally legal and official. Some Australian casino clubs give you an opportunity to play for free and keep what you win.

Different Australian pokies casino games online

There are numerous online slots which have various features. You should play the best ones to receive unbelievable prizes. For example, you can try the following slot content:

  • Mega Moolah 25 playlines that high rated with a progressive jackpot. This is a good choice for players who like games with cool features and interesting gameplay. There are a lot of bonuses and additional rounds;
  • the 5-reel game Starburst with huge chances of getting wins. Also, this one has huge payouts that let you to win big. The pokies casino has a slot covering an amazing gaming process with a chance to active the bonus round;
  • Wolf Treasure let you win a lot of money the easiest way thanks to scatters and wilds.

Sure, you can find more games on your own including card pokies covering fascinating gameplay. Also, the content is available on the player’s mobile phones using a special application that may be downloaded for totally free.

The online casino free spins slot machines

There are two ways of getting free spins the fastest and easiest methods. In fact, you get rolls for scatters in gameplay while playing the games with such feature. The second way is to use free spins as a gift at AU casino. To get the welcome bonus at clubs, you should follow the next tips:

  1. Find an absolutely legal gaming casino in Australia that has a free bonus feature.
  2. Sign in to get the welcome bounties.
  3. Use the free spins while playing the games.

Besides, such bonuses may let you keep what you win. So, you can earn real money with no deposits.

The best pokies without deposits

In conclusion, gamers can start having a real fun with the different slots for free. In addition, the pokies casino offers you use free spins as a welcome bonus. You are able to enjoy all the best slots at online clubs now.

Online pokies without deposit in Australia


Online casinos are gambling establishments hosted on sites that offer a wide range of different types of gambling entertainment: slot machines, card games, as well as table games, lotteries, and more. Online casino visitors have the opportunity to rely on their luck by choosing online pokies without deposit.

The best online pokies for Australians with no deposit

Slot machines draw close attention. Over the past couple of years, several top online casinos have been offering many options for their players. As for online pokies without deposit in Australia, the most popular among them are:

  1. JackpotCity with up to 1.600 $ bonus for players in online pokies. In the casino, players will find slot machines for every taste, several types of roulette, several types of blackjack and other games (including those with live dealers);
  2. PlayAmo with up to 500 $ bonus in online pokies. At the same time, the catalog is divided into several categories, thanks to which users can choose jackpot slots, the most popular models, desktop entertainment options, and so on;
  3. 888 casino with up to 140 $ bonus. It became famous thanks to the largest no deposit bonus, a large number of poker players at the tables, a mass of recreational players and a variety of games.

There are several reasons why these casinos are leaders in the market, but above all, they all leave a much more positive experience for their customers than others. If the player wants to get the most out of online gambling, then the player should definitely pay attention to one of these sites. To start playing at an online casino for real money, the user needs to register, replenish the account, select the desired game, place a bet and press the start button. The rules of the selected game can be found after its launch by clicking on the corresponding icon in the window that opens.

Development of online pokies in Australia

In the field of online casinos, everything does not stand still, so the player has to constantly monitor changes and change recommendations accordingly. If the casino allows itself to lower its standards, this will immediately be reflected in the rating. The same will happen if some gambling site makes a qualitative leap forward. In addition to the old proven sites, there are new online casinos.

Online pokies for real money in Australia

Online gambling promotions and bonuses are becoming the absolute most attractive choice for online gambling. Players at online casinos for real money can also take advantage of exclusive free spins on the launch of the most popular slot machines by playing for real money here:

  • King Johnnie Casino with $ 6,000 bonus and huge variety of online pokies;
  • Casinonic with $ 5000 bonus;
  • Ozwin Casino with 400% match bonus.

The online casino offers access to many gambling sites on the world wide web. Since there are many casinos today that provide offline access and play online, not everything can be relied upon, especially when it comes to customer support, so the player needs to choose proven options.

Online pokies real money as the most favorite and profitable games for Australian players

online pokies real money casino

Online pokies real money is considered the most favorite casino games for every player in Australia. Everybody there knows how to play pokies and at least one time tried to win real money. Such kind of slots has many significant differences from the ones we used to play. One of them is the use of video screens that help to simulate real reels. Also, there is a special bonus line, additional functions of the second screen, and many bonus games absolutely for free. In addition, online pokies allow you to play multiple lines at the same time. This is the highest level of difficulty compared to other slot machines. And because of these pokies provide players with more opportunities to win.

Top Australia online pokies to play for real money with bonuses and promotions

According to many gamblers, playing Australian online pokies real money is much more exciting, interesting, and fun. It can be easily proven by the rapid growth of popularity for such slot machines. Nowadays, it is possible to find them on almost any popular casino website and play for real money with the use of different bonuses and promotions. Pokies may seem more complex than the others, but the diversity of fascinating graphics and useful features make it worth playing. So if you want to try your luck, you can check the top online pokies Australia real money below:

  1. Where’s the Gold – is one of the most popular online pokies real money in Australia developed by Aristocrat with lots of features, bonuses, and the chance to win a jackpot;
  2. 5 Dragons – a popular slot machine with the use of gold coins as special symbols, and many free spins which let the players win more money;
  3. Wild Life – a pokie machine that offers a dynamic RTP value of between 92.16% and 96.16% created by IGT company;
  4. Queen of the Nile – a slot on the Egyptian theme that you can play for real money and use many additional bonuses.

You will definitely like these incredible games with the best features, as they are developed by the most reputable companies, have a very high quality, and offer big payouts.

Free online pokies with no deposit bonus in Australia

Playing online pokies real money with no deposit bonus is very common in Australia as not all the people would like to spend their own money on gambling games, or they just don’t have enough experience to take a risk with the money. Also, some players may use no deposit bonus to learn more about casinos or just to check which game will be the most suitable for them. The best online casinos where you can play online pokies real money no deposit in Australia are:

  • King Johnnie Casino
  • Ozwin Casino
  • Pokie Spins Casino
  • Winward Casino

Usually, a no deposit bonus can be received after the registration, and used for many games. A good feature of such a bonus is that it can be withdrawn to any credit card, but in this case, it is necessary to read the guidelines of the casino and follow the conditions to be able to get that money. It’s highly recommended to use a no deposit bonus especially if you are a new player to be able to try the game for free, and avoid many mistakes by playing for real money.

Free pokies for smartphones with fun gameplay

free pokies

Pokies is the abbreviated name for slot machines created by the Australians. At first the game was called “poker machine”, after which everyone just started calling it pokies. Apart from the unique name, slots also have many advantages. This is a very popular game, so you can find slots for absolutely any topic: movies, TV series, cartoons, fruits, miners, jewels, Eastern culture, Wild West, animals, space, aliens and dozens of other categories.

Besides the variety, many people love this game because you can play both real money slots and free pokies for mobile. Those who want to risk their savings and hunt for big jackpots choose the first option. And those who just want to have fun install mobile applications and play for free as much as they want. Read on to find the best free pokies download for your mobile devices.

Ranking of the best mobile pokies

All online casinos and gaming providers focus on the mobile platform, but not everyone is good at it. Only in the best casinos you can download a fast mobile application with all games, a user-friendly interface and no lags. Especially for you, we have compiled a list of the best free online pokies for Android and iOS devices:

  1. Slotomania. The largest free pokies app with up to 200 unique slots including: Prince Eclipse, Dragon Lore, Silver Lion, Giant Wolf, Toro de oro and many more. 1,000,000 coins for all new players, regular promotions and updates.
  2. Jackpot Party. This mobile application has collected all the pokies and games with giant jackpots. Try your luck at Planet Moolah or Zeus Slots, land 5 Wilds and win a huge fortune.
  3. Heart of Vegas. Great app for iOS and Android with 100+ Vegas slots and 2,000,000 coins for every beginner. User-friendly interface, in-game unique features and weekly tournaments among players.

Install any of the above apps for free to have fun and find your favorite game!

Aristocrat slots review

Speaking of cool games, it is worth mentioning the largest Canadian game developer – Aristocrat. The company has been in the gaming market for many years and is considered the king of pokies. You can try the developer’s products both in land-based casinos and in an online browser or mobile applications. Aristocrat often collaborates with casinos and arrange promotions with extra cash and free spins. Well, if you want to play for free, then visit any free casino and you can play as much as you want.

The most popular free pokies from Aristocrat today:

  • Tarzan: Lord of the Jungle. An enjoyable cartoon game with a jungle hero. Collect combinations of cartoon characters and fruits to get coins and activate the bonus game.
  • Buffalo. One of the most popular free pokies from Aristocrat. There are many wild animals in the safari, can you catch them? Land a combo of Scatters to meet their leader – a formidable buffalo.
  • Queen of the Nile. Amazing free pokie for fans of Ancient Egypt. Classic 5 reels and 25 paylines with thematic symbols, simple interface and nice design.

In free casinos you will find dozens of other games from Aristocrat. Try them out and decide which is the best.

Free Pokies games play – the front most pastimes for Australians

Free Pokies games play

Free gambling is a gift from above for those, who haven’t ever tried free Pokies games play. Especially, if it’s about Australia – the most venturesome place on the planet. Software providers strive to go to all the trouble to step up already existed types of hazardous games, or to invent something absolutely new. From either direction all such activities do a power of good for regular gamblers, as the presence of the choice is always much better than its absence. That’s why it’s a great pleasure to play free online Pokie games Australia, as everyone can find a game that suits all requirements.

Free Pokies games play – the features and examples of the best multiplayer Pokies

In these recent times there has appeared an absolutely new type of Pokies – so called multiplayer slots for 2 and more players. All discussions are organized via special chats. But the most attractive option is a possibility to give out bonuses. As soon as a bonus round is launched on the specific game, all other gamblers, who play the same slot simultaneously, get a chance to play the same bonus games, as well. The best software designer that provides fans of Pokies with multiplayer easy time, is Microgaming, and the most interesting variants of such Pokies are listed below.

  • Isis Pokies. It’s one of the most popular multiplayer free Pokies games play. The high level of payout allows getting big winnings. Bonus game presents up to 30 free spins with 6X multiplier. And the main aspect, of course, is a special chatbox that gives an opportunity to keep on the discussions with friends, colleagues or relatives.
  • Avalon. All popular features, like Wild and Scatter symbols together with free spins in bonus rounds. This is quite a simple game with 5 reels and 20 paying lines, executed on the blue background with vivid symbols.
  • Wheel of Wealth. This Pokie is very attractive thanks to a chance of getting amazing winnings. Bonus function allows all friends joining the gambler during the attempts to break the bank. But it’s necessary to know that bonus function can be launched only if the total bet equals to 3 coins. In any case, this slot is worth a shot and to check own luck and fortune.

In spite of nowadays there is not a huge amount of multiplayer Pokies in the gambling world, there’s still always something to choose from. And this scope of industry will be developed much in the future for 100 %.

Free Pokies games play – Vegas type slots with free credits

Pokies with free credits are very popular among gamblers in Australia, as there’s a great chance to practice own skills before venturing money. The below mentioned list of Vegas type slots will help players to make, probably, a check in the right column, as given Pokies have already gained the enormous popularity.

Generalizing, the above given “gambling guide” can be easily used as an assistant in a multifarious world of Pokies.

Roulette online: types and rules of the game Australia style

Roulette online – a popular game among players in Australia

Roulette is a classic casino game. The name of the game in translation from French means “small wheel”, which is the basis of this game. The image of roulette has long been a symbol and synonym for casino. Every day, many players play roulette, both in live casinos and online. Roulette online is an exciting and interesting game in which you can get a really big win.

roulette online

How do Australians play roulette online?

Roulette is a popular and world-famous gambling game, the essence of which is guessing the number on the roulette wheel. How is online roulette play in online casino Australia? Playing roulette is very simple – place bets and watch the wheel. The basic rules of the game include the following points:

  1. After the bets are made, the croupier launches the ball into roulette, which rotates in the opposite direction.
  2. When the tape measure slows down, the ball stops at one of the numbered sectors on the roulette table.
  3. The number the ball stopped wins.
  4. In roulette online you can combine bets, while for each winning one is paid from 1: 1 to 35: 1.

There are several types of bets you can make. For example, if the number “19” appears, then in addition to the player who bet on “19”, those who bet on odd, red or big numbers will also win.

What types of roulette can I play in Australia online casinos?

Roulette play online, like a game in land-based casinos, can be of three main types:

  • European roulette consists of 37 sectors, from 1 to 36 and the number 0, which is commonly called “zero”. Sectors are black and red, and zero is green. You can’t bet on it, and it is this feature that gives the main advantage of the casino. If 0 falls, then the players’ bets lose. Bets are placed before the dealer launches the ball. There are several varieties of bets: external, internal and equal chances. European online roulette gives casinos 2 times less advantage than American roulette;
  • American roulette online is played with 38 numbers on the wheel, because in it, in addition to 0, there is another 00 (double zero). This increases the advantage of the casino and reduces the popularity of this type among players. Many western gambling establishments offer American roulette along with European roulette;
  • French roulette, like free European roulette, consists of 37 sectors, but its rules include “La Partafa Rule”. Corresponding to it, in case of a “zero”, players receive half of their initial bet. Despite the maximum benefits that French roulette gives players, casinos do not often include it in their assortment.

If you are just starting to play free online games no download in a casino and are looking for ways to win at online roulette, then it is best to study the rules, features of the game and start with minimum bets.