Roulette online: types and rules of the game Australia style

Roulette online – a popular game among players in Australia

Roulette is a classic casino game. The name of the game in translation from French means “small wheel”, which is the basis of this game. The image of roulette has long been a symbol and synonym for casino. Every day, many players play roulette, both in live casinos and online. Roulette online is an exciting and interesting game in which you can get a really big win.

roulette online

How do Australians play roulette online?

Roulette is a popular and world-famous gambling game, the essence of which is guessing the number on the roulette wheel. How is online roulette play in online casino Australia? Playing roulette is very simple – place bets and watch the wheel. The basic rules of the game include the following points:

  1. After the bets are made, the croupier launches the ball into roulette, which rotates in the opposite direction.
  2. When the tape measure slows down, the ball stops at one of the numbered sectors on the roulette table.
  3. The number the ball stopped wins.
  4. In roulette online you can combine bets, while for each winning one is paid from 1: 1 to 35: 1.

There are several types of bets you can make. For example, if the number “19” appears, then in addition to the player who bet on “19”, those who bet on odd, red or big numbers will also win.

What types of roulette can I play in Australia online casinos?

Roulette play online, like a game in land-based casinos, can be of three main types:

  • European roulette consists of 37 sectors, from 1 to 36 and the number 0, which is commonly called “zero”. Sectors are black and red, and zero is green. You can’t bet on it, and it is this feature that gives the main advantage of the casino. If 0 falls, then the players’ bets lose. Bets are placed before the dealer launches the ball. There are several varieties of bets: external, internal and equal chances. European online roulette gives casinos 2 times less advantage than American roulette;
  • American roulette online is played with 38 numbers on the wheel, because in it, in addition to 0, there is another 00 (double zero). This increases the advantage of the casino and reduces the popularity of this type among players. Many western gambling establishments offer American roulette along with European roulette;
  • French roulette, like free European roulette, consists of 37 sectors, but its rules include “La Partafa Rule”. Corresponding to it, in case of a “zero”, players receive half of their initial bet. Despite the maximum benefits that French roulette gives players, casinos do not often include it in their assortment.

If you are just starting to play free online games no download in a casino and are looking for ways to win at online roulette, then it is best to study the rules, features of the game and start with minimum bets.

Play Roulette for free – choose games from the best developers

Play Roulette for free all gambling people

At the moment, in every prestigious gambling establishment, you can see a large number of interested gambling people who are eagerly watching the ball spinning in the game wheel, with the hope of receiving a huge win. But today, the vast majority of players still prefer to first try play Roulette for free on convenient sites on the Internet, where you can choose the right entertainment for your own taste, such as Roulette Pro or Roulette Gold, developed by world-renowned providers Playtech, NetEnt, Microgaming and other popular Companies. Now everyone can freely enjoy any kind of this game, even without mandatory registration.

play roulette free

The main goal of this exciting entertainment is to guarantee the user’s guessing of a possible winning number and making their own bets on this alleged event. To do this, there are special marked fields on the gaming table. There are such basic types of games as American, European and French Roulettes.

The obvious benefits of play Roulette for free

As a rule, play free Roulette games for fun is preferred by novice players who, choosing one or another entertainment, are afraid to say goodbye to their personal financial means in a short time, without having understood what the meaning of the game is. But besides this category of people, these games attract the attention of quite experienced professionals. Here are a few reasons why these slots are so popular:

  1. All people who every day strive to play Roulette for free on numerous gaming portals on the Internet have the great opportunity to frequent training without too much excitement and stress. Players can test their skills, learn to choose any suitable type of entertainment, develop the right strategies and finally get the necessary experience, make the first deposit.
  2. Here, anyone who wants to can easily understand a large number of various bets, learn how to choose the most effective ones and thereby get the right skills in allocating their own budget.
  3. Constantly participating in the free Roulette, a person will begin to distinguish between various features of the game, its tricks and secrets, which will also help to more accurately predict the positive outcome of entertainment and increase the likelihood of a guaranteed win.
  4. Also, here the most gambling people find joy for which to get emotional pleasure and a large supply of positive mood is much more important than any cash prize.

Taking into account all the above arguments, you can understand the great importance of free games in the lives of many players. After all, all the acquired knowledge will help them in future competitions for real money.

Top world Roulette slots developers

Having chosen the exciting Roulette Pro slot or the equally interesting Roulette Gold game to start play Roulette online for free, visitors to gaming platforms should know that a pleasant pastime is provided by a group of prestigious providers, including NetEnt, Playtech and many other successful developers:

roulette slots
  • In addition to these companies, Betsoft, which began its activities in 1999, takes a large part in the development of exciting slot machines with Roulette;
  • Very interesting offers for this game are available to online casino customers thanks to the quality work of Microgaming employees. The provider was founded in 1994;
  • Modern slots with innovative graphics are provided by the Austrian organization Novomatic, whose professional activity began in 1980.

It is also worth noting the quality gaming products of the companies Realtime Gaming, Platipus and Lucky, which provide players with the opportunity to play Roulette for free online, get experience and pleasure.

How to play What Are the Odds game

What Are the Odds game essence

What Are the Odds game is total fun and it can be played with a Dice or without it, it can be a card game or entertainment where to “tools” are used.

The sense of the social and very popular now game is to give opponents a variety of curious tasks (bizarre, funny, even ridiculous), ask them a bunch of strange questions (sometimes, without even an answer) and bet on a winner.

What Are the Odds game essence

Popular What Are the Odds game sense is simple: the player asks another one about his odds to do this or that thing (2/10, for instance), and the winners are those, whose bet won. What Are the Odds game questions can be absolutely different, and they are usually written on the special cards.

They all start with the phrase “What are the odds that…”, and the following variants can appear:

  • You will let me kick you;
  • You will kiss me now;
  • You will be a winner in this What Are the Odds game;
  • You will dance on the roof of your teacher’s house;
  • You will get a pig as a pet, etc.

Similar games with odds

What Are the Odds game has its “siblings”, and they might be not played in a casino. All of them offer different tasks. For instance, one can imitate a pregnancy or bet that his friend will do (does not do something). Truth or Dare is another fun game that can be downloaded now. Google Play has its free variant for mobile players. It resembles the entertainment described above, but here, no one guesses the odds.

The player that gets the task should answer the question (only truth!) or do something if he is not ready to answer. The more people are involved in the game, the more interesting it is. Yes, 2 gamers can also deal with it, but the real excitement starts when at least 4 guys ask each other funny questions or exchange with the opponents with odd tasks.

Calculating the odds to win in a casino

Very often, social players decide to become gamblers, and in this case, the question about the odds becomes a serious challenge. One can find the odds of different card games online. Traditionally, Blackjack players have more chances to win, and it is considered that Roulette players risk much more. However, in a casino, like always in a real-time, much depends on luck.

If a person wants to bet and challenge people, get out of a predicament or learn how to win every bet, the What Are the Odds game will be the best helper for him. It can be installed or played in a company with real cards containing diverse questions.

Play and get Roulette Payouts

Find out more about Roulette Payouts

The thoughtless during allocation of chips on the roulette payout table won’t bring the luck during the game. Winning mainly depends on which bets player chooses and how correctly they evaluate their winning odds.

If you play roulette to win, and not just for fun, you need primary knowledge about the types of bets and payouts in this game. The more accurate the bet selection is, the greater roulette payouts in case of a winning. All roulette bets can be parted into main groups: internal, external and payments depend on them.

Roulette payouts for all types of bets

Internal bets are divided into:

  • Direct or Standard bet on one specific number – the payout on the bet that played such a bet will be 35 to 1, for example, if you bet $5 on a certain number and it fell on the wheel, the casino will pay you $175;
  • Split – payments at this rate are made 17 to 1, that is, at a rate of $5 you get $85;
  • Bet on three numbers or Street – roulette wheel payouts are 11 to 1 – a $5 bet gives you a win of $55;
  • Angular bet or a bet on four numbers – payments will be 8 to 1 – a bet of $5 will make you richer up to $40;
  • Bet on five numbers – payments on it are made 6 to 1, $5 bring $30 profit;
  • Bet on six numbers or Syxline – the prize is paid in the amount of 5 to 1, a bet of $5 will increase the bank up to $25.

Roulette odds and payouts for external rates:

  • Even or odd bet – coefficient x2 (bet multiplied by 2), payouts 1:1;
  • Bet on red or black – coefficient x2 (bet multiplied by 2), payouts 1:1;
  • Bet on a sector from 1 to 18 or sector from 19 to 36 – coefficient x2 (the rate is multiplied by 2), payments 1:1;
  • Bet on a dozen – coefficient x3 (the rate is multiplied by 3), roulette payouts 1:2;
  • Bet on a horizontal line – coefficient x3 (the rate is multiplied by 3), payouts 1:2.

This is all gamblers should know about roulette bets and payouts.

Payouts of American Roulette

The most popular types of roulette are American and European.

The gameplay of American Roulette is very simple and even a beginner can penetrate into it. All you need to do is to bet and start the wheel.

Bets are very different, but they all imply one pattern: the fewer numbers to enter the bet, the higher the risk and the higher the American roulette odds for winning. At the same time, the player can make any number of bets, the amount of which can be covered by the current balance. As soon as the ball in the wheel stops in one of the cells, the winnings are calculated by the ratios and bets.

Payouts of European Roulette

The difference between European and American roulette systems is that American starts with double zero. Besides, you should pay attention to the fact that the total number of numbers in American roulette is 38, from 00 to 36, and players can make several bets on them at once. Otherwise, there are no differences.

The game begins with the participants making bets. The wheel starts to rotate, and the ball starts in the opposite direction of this rotation. The ball enters the cell and it becomes clear which of the participants won and who was defeated. All non-playing chips are club profits.

Playing European roulette wheel is the excitement and thrill of the temptations of fate, large bets and winnings of breathtaking amounts of money.

Roulette odds – learn the meanings and get the most out of it!

Roulette odds – variations of the game

Today, there are several dozen types of roulette games that have their own rules and roulette online real money. But not everyone found their popularity among fans of gambling.

odds on roulette

The most popular are two varieties:

  1. American roulette;
  2. French roulette;
  3. European roulette.

The American wheel is divided into 38 sectors, including the cell zero (0) and double zero (double zero – 00), while the European one has 37 sectors, including only one zero (0).

The cells are numbered. From 1 to 36 are painted in red and black, they alternate with each other. Zero and double zero are colored green. European Roulette is divided into 3 conditional sectors for fast bets.

The player’s task is to correctly guess the cell into which the ball will fall. When guessing the cell number, the croupier announces this and gives out a win. But you should always consider roulette odds before betting money in this game.

Making roulette bets from your home

There are two types of bets in total: internal and external. Payouts are high, but have a low chance of falling out. External ones have a high chance, but a low payout percentage. Each of these varieties has its own roulette odds for each occasion.

The most popular external is the bet on a specific number. Many players have their own “secret” numbers. If a player bets 100 € on it and any number other than the selected one appears, he will lose all his money. However, if it was the chosen number that fell out, the player will receive a prize of € 3,500, that is, 35 times higher than the money that he bet. Profitable, isn’t it? This rate is called a single, or direct.

You can bet not on one, but on two numbers arranged side by side – for example, 12 and 13, 12 and 10 and 12 and 16. It can be seen that only the first two numbers on the playing field are adjacent, the rest of the combinations are more than one from each other one sector. You can place chips on the border between two numbers. This combination is called split, the payout ratio is 17: 1.

Be vigilant and understand the risks of the game:

Bets on three fields

Depending on the location of the chips, there may be two options for betting on three numbers:

  • street – on one horizontal line;
  • corner – at the common point of contact of the four rooms.

Street odds on roulette 11: 1, the corner – 8: 1.

And you can put not on one, but immediately on two lines with six numbers – double-street, or sixline. Roulette wheel odds will be 5 to 1.

The following betting combinations are also available in European roulette:

  • trio – to numbers 0-2-3 or 0-1-2, winnings 11: 1;
  • tetra – to numbers 0-1-2-3, winnings 8: 1.

If you do not wish to take such risks, you can always choose the second option.

External bidding

The probability of winning at such rates is up to 50%, depending on the particular combination.

There are several options for betting combinations: for one of the “three dozen” (0-12, 13-34, 25-36), vertical columns (also of “dozens”). Roulette odds of one of the 12 numbers is 1: 3, the payout is 1: 2. For example, you bet 20 € for one dozen – from 0 to 12. In case of loss of any sector in this segment (0, 1, 3, 5, 7, 11 and so on) the gain will be 40 €.

Simpler options are betting on color (red or black), even or odd numbers of cells, small (0-18) or large (19-36) numbers. The probability of winning is 50%, the payout is roulette odds one to two. For example, you bet 50 €, if successful, your winnings will be 100 €.


Thus, having studied all the roulette odds options, you can safely proceed to the game. You can bet with a small probability of winning, but hopes for a big win, but you can make less risky bets and receive small payouts. But the odds certainly need to be considered when playing.

Payout calculator – another step forward to meet luck

Payout calculator – fewer hesitations, more chances

The development of gambling industry doesn’t stand still, and not only advanced games and slots enter our lives. Software developers supply the market with new products with a focus on gamblers’ interests.

Odds payout calculator is one of such programs. This type of help-mate is simple to use and easy to find. More of this, many online casinos offer players their betting payout calculator for different table games.

Why and how to use payout calculator

It doesn’t matter whether the gambler is a beginner or an old dodger – useful advice will always be relevant. It’s obviously that concentration is the thing not easy to maintain constantly. That’s why a guide book that can help whenever it’s necessary is a right choice.

Especially, if it’s about odds or bet payout calculator. Gamblers lose nothing, but can get much. Such software is very popular and can help during the following games.

  • Poker. Payout calculator for this “king” of all hazard games is most commonly met floating around the Internet.
  • Roulette.
  • Craps.
  • Blackjack.

It is important to note that peculiarities of such soft for different games differs much from each other.

Payout calculator in roulette

There are many advanced programs, playing mentioned role. Some of them can be used online, others are to be downloaded, but the structure remains the same, in spite of various interface and “brains”. Roulette seems to be an absolutely randomized game, but it’s not quite so. If to use different algorithms, mathematics, theory of chances the ultimate success becomes closer.

Of course, it’s necessary to provide any of programs with some initial information. It’s enough to put down last 10 spins and to input this data into the “assistant”. It will make calculations and display all possible variants of next spin with odds. There’s not a program that can give 100% result, but still something is better than nothing.

Odds’ analyzer in blackjack

The key aspect of such assistant is settings. Before start gathering odds, tips and other information, this kind of software usually demands to input the information about the rules in the specific table of this or that online casino. Thus, it’s necessary to specify the following points.

  1. How many decks are used.
  2. Dealer’s rules: stand on 17 or hit on 17.
  3. When the bet can be doubled.
  4. Doubling after split.
  5. Surrender options.
  6. Checking for blackjack with Ace as the first card.