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The thoughtless during allocation of chips on the roulette payout table won’t bring the luck during the game. Winning mainly depends on which bets player chooses and how correctly they evaluate their winning odds.

If you play roulette to win, and not just for fun, you need primary knowledge about the types of bets and payouts in this game. The more accurate the bet selection is, the greater roulette payouts in case of a winning. All roulette bets can be parted into main groups: internal, external and payments depend on them.

Roulette payouts for all types of bets

Internal bets are divided into:

  • Direct or Standard bet on one specific number – the payout on the bet that played such a bet will be 35 to 1, for example, if you bet $5 on a certain number and it fell on the wheel, the casino will pay you $175;
  • Split – payments at this rate are made 17 to 1, that is, at a rate of $5 you get $85;
  • Bet on three numbers or Street – roulette wheel payouts are 11 to 1 – a $5 bet gives you a win of $55;
  • Angular bet or a bet on four numbers – payments will be 8 to 1 – a bet of $5 will make you richer up to $40;
  • Bet on five numbers – payments on it are made 6 to 1, $5 bring $30 profit;
  • Bet on six numbers or Syxline – the prize is paid in the amount of 5 to 1, a bet of $5 will increase the bank up to $25.

Roulette odds and payouts for external rates:

  • Even or odd bet – coefficient x2 (bet multiplied by 2), payouts 1:1;
  • Bet on red or black – coefficient x2 (bet multiplied by 2), payouts 1:1;
  • Bet on a sector from 1 to 18 or sector from 19 to 36 – coefficient x2 (the rate is multiplied by 2), payments 1:1;
  • Bet on a dozen – coefficient x3 (the rate is multiplied by 3), roulette payouts 1:2;
  • Bet on a horizontal line – coefficient x3 (the rate is multiplied by 3), payouts 1:2.

This is all gamblers should know about roulette bets and payouts.

Payouts of American Roulette

The most popular types of roulette are American and European.

The gameplay of American Roulette is very simple and even a beginner can penetrate into it. All you need to do is to bet and start the wheel.

Bets are very different, but they all imply one pattern: the fewer numbers to enter the bet, the higher the risk and the higher the American roulette odds for winning. At the same time, the player can make any number of bets, the amount of which can be covered by the current balance. As soon as the ball in the wheel stops in one of the cells, the winnings are calculated by the ratios and bets.

Payouts of European Roulette

The difference between European and American roulette systems is that American starts with double zero. Besides, you should pay attention to the fact that the total number of numbers in American roulette is 38, from 00 to 36, and players can make several bets on them at once. Otherwise, there are no differences.

The game begins with the participants making bets. The wheel starts to rotate, and the ball starts in the opposite direction of this rotation. The ball enters the cell and it becomes clear which of the participants won and who was defeated. All non-playing chips are club profits.

Playing European roulette wheel is the excitement and thrill of the temptations of fate, large bets and winnings of breathtaking amounts of money.