How to play What Are the Odds game

What Are the Odds game essence

What Are the Odds game is total fun and it can be played with a Dice or without it, it can be a card game or entertainment where to “tools” are used.

The sense of the social and very popular now game is to give opponents a variety of curious tasks (bizarre, funny, even ridiculous), ask them a bunch of strange questions (sometimes, without even an answer) and bet on a winner.

What Are the Odds game essence

Popular What Are the Odds game sense is simple: the player asks another one about his odds to do this or that thing (2/10, for instance), and the winners are those, whose bet won. What Are the Odds game questions can be absolutely different, and they are usually written on the special cards.

They all start with the phrase “What are the odds that…”, and the following variants can appear:

  • You will let me kick you;
  • You will kiss me now;
  • You will be a winner in this What Are the Odds game;
  • You will dance on the roof of your teacher’s house;
  • You will get a pig as a pet, etc.

Similar games with odds

What Are the Odds game has its “siblings”, and they might be not played in a casino. All of them offer different tasks. For instance, one can imitate a pregnancy or bet that his friend will do (does not do something). Truth or Dare is another fun game that can be downloaded now. Google Play has its free variant for mobile players. It resembles the entertainment described above, but here, no one guesses the odds.

The player that gets the task should answer the question (only truth!) or do something if he is not ready to answer. The more people are involved in the game, the more interesting it is. Yes, 2 gamers can also deal with it, but the real excitement starts when at least 4 guys ask each other funny questions or exchange with the opponents with odd tasks.

Calculating the odds to win in a casino

Very often, social players decide to become gamblers, and in this case, the question about the odds becomes a serious challenge. One can find the odds of different card games online. Traditionally, Blackjack players have more chances to win, and it is considered that Roulette players risk much more. However, in a casino, like always in a real-time, much depends on luck.

If a person wants to bet and challenge people, get out of a predicament or learn how to win every bet, the What Are the Odds game will be the best helper for him. It can be installed or played in a company with real cards containing diverse questions.