Roulette odds – learn the meanings and get the most out of it!

Roulette odds – variations of the game

Today, there are several dozen types of roulette games that have their own rules and roulette online real money. But not everyone found their popularity among fans of gambling.

odds on roulette

The most popular are two varieties:

  1. American roulette;
  2. French roulette;
  3. European roulette.

The American wheel is divided into 38 sectors, including the cell zero (0) and double zero (double zero – 00), while the European one has 37 sectors, including only one zero (0).

The cells are numbered. From 1 to 36 are painted in red and black, they alternate with each other. Zero and double zero are colored green. European Roulette is divided into 3 conditional sectors for fast bets.

The player’s task is to correctly guess the cell into which the ball will fall. When guessing the cell number, the croupier announces this and gives out a win. But you should always consider roulette odds before betting money in this game.

Making roulette bets from your home

There are two types of bets in total: internal and external. Payouts are high, but have a low chance of falling out. External ones have a high chance, but a low payout percentage. Each of these varieties has its own roulette odds for each occasion.

The most popular external is the bet on a specific number. Many players have their own “secret” numbers. If a player bets 100 € on it and any number other than the selected one appears, he will lose all his money. However, if it was the chosen number that fell out, the player will receive a prize of € 3,500, that is, 35 times higher than the money that he bet. Profitable, isn’t it? This rate is called a single, or direct.

You can bet not on one, but on two numbers arranged side by side – for example, 12 and 13, 12 and 10 and 12 and 16. It can be seen that only the first two numbers on the playing field are adjacent, the rest of the combinations are more than one from each other one sector. You can place chips on the border between two numbers. This combination is called split, the payout ratio is 17: 1.

Be vigilant and understand the risks of the game:

Bets on three fields

Depending on the location of the chips, there may be two options for betting on three numbers:

  • street – on one horizontal line;
  • corner – at the common point of contact of the four rooms.

Street odds on roulette 11: 1, the corner – 8: 1.

And you can put not on one, but immediately on two lines with six numbers – double-street, or sixline. Roulette wheel odds will be 5 to 1.

The following betting combinations are also available in European roulette:

  • trio – to numbers 0-2-3 or 0-1-2, winnings 11: 1;
  • tetra – to numbers 0-1-2-3, winnings 8: 1.

If you do not wish to take such risks, you can always choose the second option.

External bidding

The probability of winning at such rates is up to 50%, depending on the particular combination.

There are several options for betting combinations: for one of the “three dozen” (0-12, 13-34, 25-36), vertical columns (also of “dozens”). Roulette odds of one of the 12 numbers is 1: 3, the payout is 1: 2. For example, you bet 20 € for one dozen – from 0 to 12. In case of loss of any sector in this segment (0, 1, 3, 5, 7, 11 and so on) the gain will be 40 €.

Simpler options are betting on color (red or black), even or odd numbers of cells, small (0-18) or large (19-36) numbers. The probability of winning is 50%, the payout is roulette odds one to two. For example, you bet 50 €, if successful, your winnings will be 100 €.


Thus, having studied all the roulette odds options, you can safely proceed to the game. You can bet with a small probability of winning, but hopes for a big win, but you can make less risky bets and receive small payouts. But the odds certainly need to be considered when playing.